Keepin it Old School - Vintage & Discontinued Fragrances

We try to find as many discontinued and vintage perfumes and colognes as we can get our hands on. Check out the collection and see if we have what you've been looking for! Sometimes we can only get a few of each fragrance...sometimes its only 1. You'll have to make a decision quick before its gone!

Armaf Collection of Fragrances for Men and Women

Armaf is an expression of luxury that is innovative and couture. It is a collection of signature fragrances and scented luxuries for both men and women. There are a selection of modern, invigorating and inspiring scents for stylish and sophisticated men and a selection of glamorous, indulgent and irresistible unique designer fragrances for women.

Armaf provides quality, competitive pricing and unique packaging that exudes class, style and elegance.

2018 Fragrance Blog Posts

Fragrances for Men: Top 5 Hiphop Colognes by Artists

January 19, 2018

One area that I’m surprised hasn’t been more infiltrated by hiphop is fragrance. Hiphop has long been about how much money you have and bragging about the nice things you can afford. Rappers love describing the newest Ferrari they purchased or the expensive alcohol they are drinking, but I rarely see any rappers dabble in the fragrance business. 

There are a few who have made the leap into the fragrance world and I am going to look at the best of the best that is available.

Attack of the Clones: Armaf vs. Creed

January 19, 2018

In Canada, there seems to be more and more retailers adding Armaf to their assortment. From never having heard of it before to seeing it everywhere, I was definitely interested in trying some of them out. Their most prestigious offering seems to be Club De Nuit Intense for Men, which finds its fame from its shared profile with Creed Aventus